Leaks due to Equipment Malfunction


A large cause of water leaks at business/commercial properties is equipment malfunction. Often these kinds of leaks can go unnoticed because they are not causing visual damage or disruption to daily operations.
Common problems include:

Overflow or float valves in areas such as cooling towers, swimming pools and storage tanks, malfunctioning into the open position;
By-pass valves being mistakenly left open;
On/off switches becoming stuck in the on position;
Rust cracks and dripping nozzles.


Using new advanced technology, LeakDtech Dubai can assist locating and identifying leaks or problems caused by equipment malfunction. Leak detection solutions of LeakDtech Dubai can be highly effective in preventing high water bills due to leaks and asset damage reduction.

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High Water Bills

A prime warning of unidentified leaks is a rise in water bills, either by a sudden dramatic increase or gradually over time, an indicator for you to arrange to have your equipment and pipelines inspected.

Leak Location

A thorough, hassle free, inspection will be undertaken of the equipment and surrounding pipework using innovative thermal imaging and infrared equipment to scan all equipment and pipework to identify and locate leaks swiftly.

Asset Damage Reduction

By identifying water issues swiftly, damage is minimal, maintaining the value of the assets. Lost profits due to a reduction in asset values arising from longstanding water damage is a regular occurrence.

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