Server Room Water Leaks


Water damage caused over time due to small, invisible leaks are a problem, especially when dealing with computers and technology. The smallest amount of water can be responsible for the electrical failure of equipment – a key concern is in server rooms. These rooms are designed to house the company’s main computer, protecting the files and data – a blow out from water could be disastrous.


If a leak is suspected, whether due to visible mold, problems with maintaining air temperature or wet patches on the floors or ceilings of the server rooms, by arranging a thorough scan carried out by one of LeakDtech’s specialist engineers, the smallest of leaks will be located.

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Mold, Damp or Temperature Problems

The presence of any of these factors is a serious issue that somewhere water is leaking. If you see a visible warning arrange for a thermal imaging scan of the walls and ceiling recesses which will highlight any leak.

Musty Smells and High Water Bills

Key factors of where there may be water leaking but the problem is not visible so if your server room has a bad smell and your water bills have increased – immediately arrange for a thermal imaging scan of the entire room and surrounding pipework to identify any problems.

Underground Leaks

Pipework running underground, whether external to the server room or due to pipework laid under the foundation, leaking water may be coming up through the floor. A ground penetrating radar scan of the floors both internally and externally will assist.

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