Water Damage in Rental Property due to Leakage

The moment that you discover a water leakage, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. But do things change for a rental premise in Dubai? Many buildings in the city are covered under a property management contract with an external service provider. So before renting, it is best to know if it is being managed or not.

Water Damage in Rental Property – Steps to Take

Depending on the answer you get for that, the next steps for resolving a water leak issue would vary. However, the first move is one you should always take, which is: locate the main water supply tap in your house. Step two: turn it off! An even better option is to locate that tap prior to a leak occurring to save yourself the trouble.

Water Leak in a Managed Property

If covered under a contract for property management with an external service provider, your next step should be to contact the manager. When informing, mention it as an emergency if the water flow is heavy and intense. If it is a minor dripping of water that does not necessarily require immediate professional fixing, do not intentionally create a false alarm by communicating that water is pouring out acutely.

Water Leak in a Unmanaged Property

When entering into a rental agreement for an unmanaged property, ensure to ask the landlord about what type of maintenance would be considered to be your responsibility. Once that has been clarified make sure that you get what has been agreed upon is printed in your official rental contract. This will negate the possibility of any sort of misunderstanding to occur between the tenant and the landlord. All rental agreements signed in Dubai are regulated by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) and will clearly define who is accountable.

If the maintenance cost is agreed to be covered by you, call in a professional directly and get it fixed. If not, call the owner and inform about the situation and the severity of the water leakage, so the owner can take an appropriate action to get it fixed.

If you are experiencing any sort of water leakage issues or water damage in rental property, contact LeakDtech to get it fixed. You can also refer us to your property manager or owner to ensure that you get a complete professional fix.

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