How do you find a leak? Discovering and cleaning up the excess water is often far easier than identifying the place it has escaped from and fixing up the damage it may have caused.

Water leak detection systems are most commonly installed in modern buildings or places containing water-sensitive materials or other critical assets, like museums, libraries and archives, as it is recognised that early notice of any potential leak could be beneficial there. The reality is that any component that holds or carries water could experience a leak at any time and early detection can mean the difference in cost between small change and big bucks on many occasions.

The damage that can arise from pooled or leaking water can end up being both extensive and expensive. The cost of repairing or replacing things like timber, plaster, carpets and utility products, coupled with the inevitable redecoration, can end up running into thousands of pounds and can have serious consequences for your health.

The smell of mould is a good indicator of a long term water problem, but even if there is no smell the mould spores could still be in the air and if inhaled repeatedly over time, could lead to such conditions as asthma, pleurisy and other lung-function problems. Tightening of the chest, wheezing or coughing can be key indicators of a damp problem in your home or place of work.

So whether your concern is personal, professional or financial, how can you get involved with water leak detection?

The key elements are vigilance and proactivity. This can include regular maintenance of water systems and any accessible pipework, monitoring overlooked areas near to pipes such as inside cupboards, under pipework or around water utilities like toilets, sinks and showers. Keeping an eye out for patches of damp or black mould around dishwashers and fridges can also give you the chance to act quickly should you discover signs of damp.

Monitoring water bills can also be a good way to track your usage and spot if there is a change, especially where pipes are inaccessible.

If you believe you have a problem and are struggling to identify what or where it is, help is at hand. LeakDTech is leading the way in water leak detection utilising new and innovative technology. We undertake both prevention and investigative and repair projects, so whether you’ve identified a problem or are trying to take measures to ensure that you won’t in the future, we have you covered.

Our pioneering leak detection equipment can locate leaks without destruction of walls, floors or outside property, saving you time and money. So, let us help you to care for your home by arranging a periodical water leakage check with LeakDTech’s engineers today.

For information on how we can help if you suspect a leak, consult LeakDTech’s professionals now!

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