Water Conservation – Saving the Planet

Water is the most precious resource this planet has. We cannot exist without it. We use it in every aspect of our daily lives from eating and drinking to washing and cooking. With more and more people on the planet now than ever before, is there a risk that this vital element needed for our survival will run out?
The UAE is one of those countries who, due to limited resources, historically have had one of the highest water consumption rates in the world, but times are changing. Past statistics highlight that UAE residents have been shown to use up to 550 litres of water per day and with the international average being 170–300 litres, this means that UAE residents have been shown to use 82% more water than the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the disappointing fact is that an estimated 90% – 95% of that water is wasted and goes down the drain, an average waste of about 50–60 gallons of water per person.
There are various genuine reasons for this including climate, population and income, but how can we, as individuals, do our bit to try to save the planet.
Small changes to your daily routine can have a large impact on the amount of water that could be saved. Just a little each day would make our water resources go that bit further. Here are some tips on how you could help to conserve water:
Turn off the tap when you are cleaning your teeth or shaving – don’t let it run.
Shorten your showering times.
Use bath water to water plants and outdoor areas.
Set irrigation systems to use the least amount of water needed and turn them off on wet days.
Steam food such as fish and vegetables rather than boiling.
Only boil the amount of water you need. When it is cooled it can again be used for watering plants.
Fix leaking taps or toilets.
Use sprinkler systems as little as possible.
Use buckets of water to clean cars rather than hose pipes or washers that are permanently pumping water.
Cover outdoor facilities such as swimming pools and jacuzzis to avoid evaporation.
Monitor your home for water leaks or signs of water damage.

With respect to the last example, LeakDtech can assist. With state of the devices, an idea of usage can be seen and acted upon, thereby saving you money and reducing general water consumption, or proactively dealing with any leaks that occur. Various packages and services are available so please contact us to find out more.
All of the suggestions above may seem simple and you may wonder how this can really make a difference but if everyone were to do a little each day then the planet’s water resources may last that bit longer. In the words of Professor Benjamin Sovacool, from the Aarhus University in Denmark, ‘There will be no water by 2040 if we keep doing what we’re doing today’. Change is needed!

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