Saving Water Within the Home

Every household is always looking for ways in which to reduce their utility bills and running costs but, at the same time, wanting to keep their home safe for their family. One resource that not only costs money but also causes damage is water. A way to reduce your water bills is to not only consider the ways in which you use water within the home but also how you can identify leaking water.
Firstly, let’s consider the ways in which you can reduce your water usage, thereby saving you money and helping to conserve the use of this natural resource. Here are some tips and advice on water saving measures:

When brushing your teeth, shaving or washing-up, don’t let the tap continue to run. Turn it on and off as and when you need it or, for example, use the plug to run a small sink of water for rinsing razor blades.
Any leaking taps or toilets should be fixed immediately. This is simple to do and a constant dripping tap can waste a large amount of water, between 20 and 40 litres per day. Teach children to make sure they turn taps off tightly to avoid dripping.
Take shorter showers and maximise the time you are in the shower, no more than five minutes is recommended.
Take baths instead of showering and use the cooled bath water to water plants and outdoor shrubs.
Rinse food and vegetables through a sieve with a bowl underneath to save the water and again use it elsewhere.
Steam fish and vegetables rather than boiling and if using boiled water only boil what you need and, again, utilise the cooled water elsewhere.
Consider replacing your household utilities, such as dishwashers and washing machines, to more efficient models.
If you have a double sink then double dip your dishes – have one with soapy water for cleaning and one with clean water, rather than having the tap running constantly for rinsing purposes.
Review your laundry – make sure you are washing a full load on the most economical setting.
Reviewing the amount of water you use and looking for ways of reducing it will have an impact on your water bills. Checking your water meter regularly will illustrate how the little changes you are making will reduce your water usage and also the cost.

Another key area of monitoring water in the home is the occurrence of water leaks. Regularly inspect your walls, floors and ceilings for signs of damp as this usually indicates that a water leak is present. The build up of damp can also result in mould, which can be harmful and cause illnesses. If you are concerned that you may have a leak or you would just like peace of mind, then LeakDtech can assist with the use of their state or the art technology by scanning areas of your property which will identify any type of leak, even those underground, pinpointing the location to allow for repair. In addition, a proactive approach of having a regular inspection of your home to ensure all is well and identifying problems before they become costly is also an option offered by LeakDtech. Please feel free to contact us for more information and to hear about the packages we have available.

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