Saving Water Outside the Home

Whilst there are many tips around that advise on how to not to waste water inside your home, and how you can monitor for water leaks, there is little advice on how you can conserve and save water throughout your outdoor areas. Below is a little advice from us along with some top tips for making this natural vital commodity stretch a little further.
When watering your garden, it is better to do this either early in the morning or later in the evening, avoiding midday which is the hottest time. The strong sun’s rays will result in the water evaporating faster so by watering plants and shrubs when its cooler they have more chance of absorbing the water. In addition, when choosing plants for your garden, try to select those that are native to warmer countries, such as the UAE or other semi-arid regions. It has been proven that they can survive on half the amount of water compared to normal shrubs and they will be easier to maintain.

Many Dubai residents have swimming pools, some even have jacuzzis or water features and most have automated irrigation systems in their gardens. It’s important to regularly inspect these water supplies to ensure there are no leaks or damaged pipework. In addition, ensure that swimming pools and jacuzzis are covered when not in use, reducing the level of evaporation.
Monitor your garden and outside grounds for boggy grass or muddy areas, as well as wet footpaths. If you have pipework underground or an irrigation system through the garden these will be typical signs that there is leaking water.
Lastly, when it comes to keeping driveways, cars, garden furniture and bicycles clean, try to avoid always resorting to water in the first instance. A heavy-duty brush and a wet cloth can remove most dirt and dust thereby reducing the use of hose pipes and pressure washers, which consume a great deal of water. When you do need to wash your car, use a bucket of water and a sponge with perhaps one blast of a hosepipe or pressure washer at the end to rinse it down.

Water is a precious natural resource and it is important we all play our part in conserving it as much as possible. For our part, if you do consider you have a leak on your property but are not sure of the cause, our highly experienced team can assist you through annual health checks of your grounds to identify any problem allowing for repair, thereby saving you money. If we work together, our water supplies will last longer for the generations to come.

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