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We had a call from a client the other day complaining about her maintenance company and our team  went out to try and help. Unfortunately the maintenance team had not checked her property correctly so we wanted to write down a quick way to see if your maintenance company has checked your property properly by checking the water tank valves.

We wrote about about the importance checking your water tank valves in another article. One of the important additional things you need to consider about water tanks is replacing the float valve with a new replacement each two years. From our experience the locally sourced float valve quality is low. As a result they seem to fail within one to one and a half years where the float valve either gets stuck or continuously leaks as a result of contamination blocking the device.

We wanted to please ask you all to check your tanks, because getting the right information before spending money is very important and scheduling a tank float valve replacement once every two years could save you thousands prior to it getting stuck open due to the contamination build up or due to bad quality float valves.

If you are experiencing any sort of water leakage issues or water damage in your residential property in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, contact LeakDtech to get it fixed. You can also refer us to your property manager or owner to ensure that you get a complete and professional fix.

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LeakDtech, savewater, waterconsumption, waterleak, waterleakdetection, waterleaksensor

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