Valve Leaks


Water valves are in all areas of a water works system, whether in bathroom taps and toilets, in kitchens, water heating systems, air conditioning units, water features, swimming pools and jacuzzis – anything that involves the control of water.
If a valve leaks, this is usually on a small scale, but if the leak is hidden, over time the amount of damage that could be caused and the resultant expense, could be huge. However, there isn’t enough time in the day to go and check every valve on a regular basis.


LeakDtech Dubai can assist by carrying out a thorough scan of your system, utilizing new innovative technology and can swiftly identify if valves of the system have a leak. Internal and external pipelines, elevated and underground pipes and tanks can be inspected by LeakDtech Dubai specialists to ensure that your system is safe and has no problems.

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Internal Pipework

Whilst mold or damp can be indicative of an internal pipe leak, evidence may not be visible. If you suspect a leak, arrange for a specialist thermal imaging scan of your pipelines which will swiftly locate any leak due to faulty valves.


Underground Pipes and Tanks

Sodden ground or cracked concrete can be a warning that water is leaking underground. By having the grounds scanned with a ground penetrating radar, the presence of any excess or leaking will water will be located.

Elevated and External Pipelines

Many pipelines run through roofing recesses as well as externally, maybe at a height where they are difficult to inspect. A thermal imaging and infrared scan from ground level will pick up any leak that is too high to identify.

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