Football Pitch Leaks


In hotter climates, managing large football pitches to ensure the surface is in a playable condition is no easy task. Common practice with such large landscapes is to use an underground irrigation system, permanently in place, to be used regularly and easily. However, football pitches are subject to water logging and pitch irrigation line leaks.


Whilst areas of muddy grass and pools of water can be an indicator, the most cost effective, swift and reliable investigation would be to have the area investigated by LeakDtech Dubai. Using new innovative technology, the ground is scanned and the leak identified, allowing a swift minor repair.

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Pitch Water Logging

Unsuitable, poor drainage systems or blocked pipes can be causes for pitch water logging. A thermal imaging scan will identify any blockages or accumulating water.


Pitch Irrigation Line Leaks

A damp test and thermal imaging scan of the entire pitch grounds will identify and locate a leak allowing a swift repair without having to raise the whole irrigation system – saving time and cost.

Pitch Watering Evaluation

Having a good system of monitoring and maintenance is key to preserving a good quality pitch. Having in place a proactive regime of regular scanned inspections can help identify problems before they cause any damage.

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