Drainage & Domestic Pipe Pressure Testing
Both drainage and domestic pipe pressure testing engagements are a key to maintaining system integrity through the correct application of NDT testing and monitoring to prevent poor or damaged lines leaking water.
Most drain lines are acceptance tested using a gravity test, but this is not always failsafe and does not fully test the integrity of the pipes to design specifications.
LeakDtech Dubai can use innovative technology to inspect both drainage and domestic water lines and ensure that they are safe and have no water leaks – all pipes up to 10 bar can be tested in this way or even higher. LeakDtech Dubai’s pressure testing services can be applied to:

Plumbing Drainage Lines
Domestic Water Lines
New Drain Lines

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Quality Assurance For New Drain Lines
All plumbing drainage lines should be pressure tested to design specifications instead of gravity tests to ensure full proof testing to guarantee quality prior to hand over and acceptance.
Identify Domestic Line Leaks
Domestic water pipes operate under 2 to 4 bar under normal circumstances and as such require proper pressure testing so that any minor joint, elbow fitting leakage can be identified.
Snag Existing Pipelines For Signs Of Leakage
After any commercial property has been in operational use, leakage can occur within both drainage or domestic water pipes where pressure testing every 6 or 12 months can prevent serious damage and rectification costs.
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