With everything from shops and offices, entertainment venues and places to eat and drink, a
mall can contain a whole host of businesses along with their staff, customers and visitors. The
customers and visitors are by far the most important element and they always expect your
mall to be in excellent condition. They want to be able to utilise every attraction safely. Your
mall’s reputation can affect every business in there.

Whether you have a business in the mall or are responsible for the arcades and walkways
between them, a leak might look like a little problem upon discovery but the consequences
can be massive. After the initial discovery of a drip or a damp patch, the location of the actual
problem plus repair and restoration can cost huge amounts of money, cause massive
inconvenience and take up valuable time.

From structural damage to damaged stock, furniture and office equipment, the costs can be
enormous and if the leak is hidden beneath flooring or encased within the walls, as much of
our pipework is, then just locating it can end up being a mammoth task.

Aside from all of this, leaks can cause hazardous working conditions for your staff. Injuries
from slips or from equipment malfunctioning due to damp conditions might result in
expensive and damaging legal action. Damp mould spores can also be an invisible health risk,
causing respiratory illnesses which can be lifelong if the damp is left untreated and inhalation
of the spores occurs over a prolonged period.

The arid conditions in Dubai mean that we have an abundance of hidden pipework. AC
systems, along with plumbing networks and sewage pipes, provide ample opportunity for
leaks to occur in places that are hard to find and get to and erroneous water can cause massive
problems. With so many different water piping systems supplying so many services, a leak
that can damage pipes, drop water pressure and prevent the systems from working effectively
can still be difficult to find. AC systems are a necessity in the heat of Dubai and you can bet
that if yours goes down, you’ll feel the consequences in your cash-flow.
But what can you do about a problem you may not be able to see?

Ask LeakDTech. Our new and innovative infrared technology allows us to scan through walls
and floors, meaning a less invasive location of the problem than traditional methods if a leak
is suspected. This minimises the cost and the damage. If you’re after prevention rather than
cure, our team can fit sensors in your system that will give you immediate earning should any
leakage or dampness occur. Early warning can make a massive difference to the scale of the

For information on how we can help if you suspect a leak, consult LeakDTech’s
professionals now!

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