Retail malls in Dubai and across the UAE are hugely popular with millions of shoppers visiting every week. Although this is not the case at the moment due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, a small advantage for mall owners is for them to use this time and space to thoroughly inspect the mall and ensure that they have no water issues or leaks.
Two of the most common water leaks that could well be experienced in malls is in their food courts and with their water features and fountains.

One of the ideas behind mall food courts is that the longer the shoppers stay at the mall, the more money they will spend. These days people are not looking for a toasted sandwich and a cup of tea; they are looking for a range of food options from McDonalds and Burger King through to bars and restaurants who are offering good food and fine dining. It’s not just about ‘popping to the shops’, a day at the mall is considered an experience. However, with so many food outlets and their associated kitchens, bars and serving counters, there will be extensive water usage. Pipelines providing fresh clean water to these restaurants will be miles in length, extending across different floors, within wall and ceiling cavities and underground. The chance of locating a leak would be almost impossible unless obvious pooling water or damp patches were indicating a specific location.

With malls open long hours, every day of the week, the time to inspect and monitor water pipelines will be difficult. As well as pipework, each restaurant will also have its own utilities such as fridges, freezers, preparation areas and bars, all of which will involve water to some extent, and are further areas where water leaks may be a problem. Indeed, one restaurant experiencing a leak or blocked pipe could have an impact on another outlet, causing problems for both. It is, therefore, vitally important that there is a specific maintenance team that can inspect, monitor and immediately take action when required to remedy water leaks.

The other primary area for concern relating to water problems is the huge and elaborate water fountains and features that are common in Dubai malls. These displays are beautiful and awe inspiring but when you consider the amount of pipework involved, particularly underground, and the shells of the bases and structures themselves, which could be prone to cracks, this is another very complex area to monitor for water leaks.

Whilst we have highlighted above two large areas that could be prone to water issues, a leak could occur anywhere in the mall at any time. Because of their complex size and nature, an undetected water leak could go unnoticed for days, weeks or months, not only causing a financial burden with regards to increased water bills and expensive repair costs, but also by wasting a precious natural resource, the supply of which is already a cause for concern in Dubai. If you consider that there may be a water leak within your mall, or you just wish to have peace of mind that you do not have any water related issues, then LeakDtech can assist. Using advanced technology, a review can be undertaken of the entire mall structure, including all hidden and underground pipework, and the presence of any leaking water will be swiftly identified, pinpointing its exact location. With malls currently empty due to the global Coronavirus disease, it is an ideal time to undertake this task without any inconvenience for shoppers and visitors. Reassurance that your mall is healthy and free of water problems will not only help you sleep at night and keep your water bills as reasonable as possible, but you will also know that you are playing your part in conserving our precious water supply.

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