Supermarkets are superheroes and just like Clark Kent, they are hidden in plain sight and are often called upon in emergency situations. As well as emergencies, though, we expect our supermarkets to provide us with things like bread, eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Without shelves and an array of refrigeration units and freezers, they wouldn’t be able to do this to the standard that we are used to.

There are many pipes, joints, valves and compressors running behind and underneath the chiller cabinets and freezers which carry the refrigerant gases to keep them running at the correct temperature.  With such a vast amount of pipework there is always the potential for a leak.  Whilst some pooled water on the floor may indicate that there is a leak, finding and fixing it might prove more difficult.

The problems that can arise from a leak can end up costing time and money to the company and inconvenience for the store’s customers while they are fixed. The effects of leaking water or gases from pipes can also be damaging to health, which could result in costly and damaging legal implications if it affected your staff or customers.

But the question is how can you monitor the pipework throughout the whole store and, if you do identify a leak, how can it be located without removing all of the fridges?

The good news is that there is now new innovative technology that has been designed to assist with leak detection, particularly in the commercial, retail and industrial sectors.  This technology assists in two ways:-

a) If you suspect that you are suffering from a leak, experts can visit your site with specialist equipment and carry out a scan of the chillers and freezers, using infrared and thermal imaging and pinpoint the location of the leak, allowing for a swift repair.

b) In addition, a set of sensors can be installed into the pipework system that feeds the cabinets and freezers, which will detect for any leaks and alert you to the presence of a leak if and when it occurs.

This leak detection equipment would save time and money in monitoring your systems for any problems and draw your attention to it early, allowing for minima, cost effective, non-invasive repairs.  This way you continue to sell fresh goods, your customers remain happy and the profits remain healthy!

For information on how we can help if you suspect a leak, consult LeakDTech’s professionals now!

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