School Water Leaks – A Case Study

Last year, we at LeakDTech were approached by an educational facility whose water bill had escalated by a factor of 5 to a monthly water usage of over 600,000 gallons. Aside from the financial implications, both the client and ourselves are aware of the ecological consequences of water wastage, too. We assisted by providing the latest in leak detection survey technology.

The problem at the school was initially picked up by the finance department, who had noticed an increase after comparing month-on-month bills. They contacted LeakDTech and we sent a team of engineers armed with  a plan:

  • Understanding the site history.
  • Establishing general usage baselines.
  • Logging any recent changes which may have occurred.
  • Comparing any site changes, upgrades and weather to these baselines.

After carrying this out, we were better able to advise the customer on the best course of action.

LeakDTech used a multitude of complementary technologies to locate underground leaks within both the domestic water and the fire lines. The latest of these technologies was a state of the art underground water leak inspection device, which can identify leaks up to 5 meters underground with no digging required.

As a result of our investigations across the huge, 2km square campus, 2 major leaks were identified within the first few days. This meant that rectification measures could be put in place in addition to the on-going nightly inspections and data collection, which was to be compiled within a customer inspection report and which would later quantify the saving.

Our innovative technology had a massive impact on the cost, time and nature of the job. The live school environment made a rapid and non-invasive solution imperative, and with our equipment  we were able to provide just that. Identifying and locating the problem from above ground mitigated the need to potentially dig up the entire pipeline. Without our technology, just locating the issue could have taken a lot of costly work. Our solution allowed the issue to be fixed quickly.

For information on how we can help if you suspect a leak, consult LeakDTech’s professionals now!

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