Are water leaks damaging your business?
The aim of any business, regardless of its nature, is to be successful and turn a profit. With
economies and markets proving more cut-throat with each passing generation the margins between
success and failure are narrowed and any small amount that you can save your business might play a
part in that difference.
Unexpected problems can turn out to be costly, and leaking water is a major cause of these in many
businesses. Unlike things such as rent, rates and equipment costs, people rarely factor in the cash
outlay for dealing with locating, repairing and covering the damage that leaking water can cause,
meaning that a seemingly minor problem can end up being a major drain on money and time.
Not all water leaks are massive and if you are lucky enough to catch it fast, the clean up and repair
could be minimal. Most pipework, however, is hidden within wall cavities or underground, which
means that many leaks do not come to people’s attention until the damage is already showing
through. Structural damage, as well as ruined furniture and equipment costs, can be devastating to a
business, but the potential risk to health is the most worrying factor of all.
Looking after your building is a part of looking after your business, your staff and yourself. Damp or
longstanding water in properties can result in mould, the spores from which can be harmful to
health. With an undetected water leak, yourself and your staff could be breathing in these spores
daily without your knowledge, putting you at risk of suffering chest infections, breathing difficulties
and other respiratory illnesses. The prospect of moving premises after an incident of this nature,
whether permanent or temporary, is also one that could cause massive inconvenience to you, your
staff and your customers.
So how can this sometimes invisible risk be minimised?
The answer lies in our innovative equipment, which was specifically designed to assist businesses in
looking after their water systems.
A Leak DTech sensor system will quickly alert you to any leak that does occur and give you the
location of it, meaning that you can find it and fix it fast.
Alternatively, if you suspect you have an issue and would like our help to investigate, our thermal
imaging and infrared technology allows us to highlight and locate any areas of damp and other
potential water issues without damage to your building or equipment.
Our modern solution to this age-old problem is practical and affordable. So whether you’re acting in
advance or you’ve just located a leak, don’t let it drain your profits!

For information on how we can help if you suspect a leak, consult LeakDTech’s professionals now!

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