Commercial Kitchen Leaks

At LeakDtech, we fully understand the importance of having a fully functioning commercial kitchen and the impact that unexpectedly having to close has on your business. Not all water leaks are as obvious as your kitchen representing an indoor version of the Dubai Fountain, so to find unseen kitchen leaks, here are some signs to look for:

  • Wet or black grout around floor and wall tiles, mold is one of the most common signs of an hidden issue
  • Saturated or movable floor drains due to a lack of maintenance that are no longer water tight
  • Ice on the floor or dripping from ceiling of refrigerators due to badly sealed doors or insulation panels
  • Condensate collection within gypsum walls or around base of cold stores due to incorrect installation
  • Blocked or backed up drains due to incorrect use or design of grease traps
  • Sweating or pooling of water around drainage lines due to lack of insulation from colder condensate water
  • Overhead dripping from expansion joints or slabs due to adjacent property water leaks
  • Water leakage from incorrectly installed drinks machines or pot wash sinks
  • General quality of floor water proofing or tile finishing

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s some feedback from just one of our satisfied customers:

‘After meeting many contractors and going through a lot of hassle and different process, we met the amazing team of LeakDtech who were able to assist and find the solution. Through detailed reports and specific investigation in a timely manner, we were able to work together to find the solution. The team is very helpful and professional , a great asset to Dubai market.

The service and the dedication and sense of partnership taking the issue as their own…an excellent experience’

Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

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