How to Stop Water Leaks in Your Home

Every home is considered to be an extension of its inhabitants. Each room within a house reflects the personality of its dweller(s). An unattended (or unnoticed) water leak can make your guests leave with a reminiscence of your recklessness in terms of house care. Apart from that, what matters more is the unease it causes to the occupants itself.

Specialising in residential properties as one of its areas of expertise, LeakDtech completely understands the concerns faced by people who find an unwanted water leakage and damage to be present in their home. Following are the 3 most common problems that we found to be the fundamental besets, as often reported by our residential clients over our past three years of service:

Mold: Mold is often a dark or fluffy formation caused by dampness, that appears on the walls and can be scrubbed off easily by a simple rub of your finger. Mold is a sign of unwanted moisture in your home and as such a possible undetected problem.

High DEWA Bills: Giving away extra money in water bills and losing a valued natural resource, losses can more than double when a water leak happens. If you notice a sudden spike in you bills it could be indicative that there is a hidden problem. We inspect your entire property inside and out to find any existing or unknown problems and stop water leaks.

Emergencies: An emergency can occur anytime, especially when an existing water leak goes untreated when it was just a minor drippage. Not only do we stop the existing unwanted flow of water, we also double check the fix to ensure that the leakage does not re-occur again shortly after.

For more information on how you can stop water leaks in your home, contact LeakDtech’s professionals now!

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