Underground Water Tank Leaks


Underground water tanks are becoming more popular in all sectors, but particularly in commercial premises. Tanks located underground are ideal for rainwater harvesting, important in drier climates and they also maximize land space. With underground tanks also used for sewerage waste, containment without leak is crucial. They are costlier to install and as such it is important that they are well maintained, reducing the potential for water leaks and floods.


LeakDtech Dubai has innovative technological equipment that can scan the ground around the tank, pipelines of the tank, linings and membranes of it, precisely locating any leak or problem. Proactive and pre-emptive scanned inspection of an underground water tank can identify a potential problem before it occurs, helping to avoid the time-consuming and costly damage repairs.

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Scanned Inspections

These scanned inspections can be used as a proactive approach rather than reactive, assisting in regular tank maintenance and identifying problems early before cost and damage is incurred.

Linings and Tank Membranes

Over time, tank linings and membranes, whether cement or otherwise, can become old and damaged allowing leaking water to corrode pipes – an infrared and thermal imaging scan of the tank from ground level can identify any problems.

Leaking Pipelines

With ground subsidence or movement, underground pipework feeding from the water tank could be damaged allowing for cracks and water leaks – a damp testing thermal imaging scan would identify the leak location.

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