Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Leaks


Many hotels have swimming pools and jacuzzis, located not only in the ground but on rooftops and inside malls, however a leak can be costly, both in damage and repair. A leak at ground level could be minor but a water leak in a rooftop pool could result in damage to the floors below.
Sealants can deteriorate and surrounding ground changes can cause leaks in pipes or cracks to the pool’s exterior – locating the problem would not be easy.


With LeakDtech Dubai’s new innovative equipment utilizing advanced leak detection technology, the grounds, pipes and pool structure can be scanned, identifying cracks and leaks swiftly.

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Swimming Pool Over Flow Leakage

Some pools do not have an automatic overflow mechanism and as such if pipe leaks are resulting in excess water flowing into the pool you could have problems with overflowing water. A scan of the pipes will locate any leaks.

Balance Tank Leakage

With a balancing tank designed to keep the pool water at the appropriate level, blockages could cause spraying water from the exposed pump. A simple scan of the tank will highlight any blockages, cracks or problems.

Swimming Pool Drain Line Leakage

It is not only water that can leak from pipes serving swimming pools, but also the chlorine, a poisonous chemical and a risk to pool users, but with a scan of the pipework any leak or crack can be identified.

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