House Leaks


Running a home brings many responsibilities and is an ongoing project, besides looking after your family and pets. Dealing with suspected water leaks can be time consuming and expensive, especially when the leak is hidden. We all fear flood and burst pipes, but the smallest of leaks, often going on for months or years can cause unseen severe damage.

Common sings of hidden leaks are:

Unusually high water bills
Mold or damp walls, floors and ceilings
Unpleasant smells


LeakDtech Dubai assists many home owners with locating water leaks. Without any physical disruption, a swift, cost effective scan can be undertaken of the property and grounds, utilizing new advanced technology which can locate and identify the source of any water leak.

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High Water Bills

Leaking pipes can go unnoticed for long periods so monitoring your water bills for any gradual increase is important. If you suspect a problem, arrange for us to carry out a scan of your property to identify any problems.

Damp Walls, Mold and Smells

Patches of damp on walls, floors or ceilings can indicate escaping water, as well as unpleasant, musty smells. A thermal imaging scan of the interior of any room can swiftly locate the source of any leak.

Basement or Landscape Problems

Soggy patches of ground, damp walls in basements or subsided, unstable paving slabs can be an indicator of an underground water leak. A ground penetrating radar of the surrounding grounds can locate the leak without landscape disruption.

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