Commercial Kitchen Leaks


Whether in a hotel, factory or shopping mall, a primary facility is to provide a reliable, clean restaurant serving quality food. Behind every restaurant is a large, busy, commercial kitchen, turning around hundreds of meals a day, but with the amount of work and activity that takes place, there is always the potential for such water problems as:

Pipe Leak
Leak from an Equipment
Leak in Waste Drain


Using advanced technology and new innovative equipment, LeakDtech Dubai can swiftly identify water leak problems in commercial kitchens, without disruption, preventing the further development of these problems and allowing for remedial repairs.

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Blocked Pipes and Drains

With so much food waste, oil and grease going down sinks and into drain pipes, there is a likelihood for blockages, resulting in pressure on valves and joints, a potential for burst pipes. An infrared scan can locate the problem.

Leaking Pipes

Pipework will spread throughout the kitchen, under floors, in wall recesses and behind equipment. If a leak is suspected a thermal imaging scan and damp patch test can quickly and precisely identify the location of the problem.

Faulty Equipment

With water feeding many items of equipment such as dishwashers and cool stores, a leak can be hard to find and equipment is an asset. With an infrared scan of the equipment any interior leak can be located.

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