Underground Car Park Leakage


A crucial factor with underground facilities is the surrounding ground’s water table. This is the amount of water in the ground which mixes with the soil and fractured rock and creates the stable surface which we walk and build on every day. If the water levels increase, due to leaks or heavy rainfall, the water table rises, causing flooding, and the groundwater will look for drier areas or a point of entry through which to drain. As such there is always the risk of small cracks or gaps that can appear, allowing groundwater to seep through the boundary walls.


With LeakDtech Dubai’s new innovative equipment, boundary walls, floor and plumbing of an underground car park can be thoroughly scanned for any unnoticed leaks, cracks or a source of potential water problem.

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Boundary Wall Leakage

Using infrared and thermal imaging technology, the boundary walls of the car park can be scanned which would indicate any areas where water is seeping through and needs repair.


Plumbing Leakage on to Cars

Old, cracked or worn pipes can result in rusty water dripping onto parked cars, exposing you to liability for damage and repair costs – an inspection would highlight any problems.

Slab Water Leakage

Over time and maybe due to ground movement, the slabs forming the car park’s ground surface could crack or move resulting in water seeping up through the floor – a scan of the ground would identify this problem.

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