Public Park Leaks


Public and community parks can be of varying sizes but one common theme will be that of grass and shrubs. With large grounds to maintain, especially in hotter climates, a popular form of watering is the underground irrigation system – allowing more control over watering and covering large areas swiftly.
However, the problem is when a leak occurs. The time and cost to raise and test a whole irrigation system would be huge, not to mention the damage to the grounds.


With LeakDtech Dubai’s new advanced technology, the grounds can be fully scanned and leaking irrigation pipes identified swiftly. Also, leak detection solutions of LeakDtech Dubai can be applied to to such features of parks as fountains, man-made lakes, drinking water supply lines of food stands in order to ensure there is no water problem.

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Community Park Water Leakage

Public park irrigation system once installed, often are rarely maintained where leaks go unnoticed and lead to increased wastage and costs where a simple annual check of all irrigation systems could save thousands.

Public Park Water Leakage

With public water fountains, water features and food stands, domestic drinking water supplies also often leak because of remodeling or just longevity of use and as such there will always be a risk of leakage if left unchecked.

Public Lake Water Leakage

Man-made lakes are an increasing feature of public community parks or landscape features which can fall foul of debris blockage and subsidence cracking leading to broken pipes or structures which lead to increased water loss.

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