Across many countries, the 19th – 25th March 2018 is National Fix a Leak Week.

Any building, any pipe, anywhere, can experience a leak and most properties will experience a leak of some sort at some point in time.  Most leaks are minor in nature and can be repaired cheaply and easily but on other occasions, the problem can build over time leading to far more devastating and costly problems.

Statistics differ around the world, but what is clear is the increasing amount of water leaks affecting people’s homes and businesses and, in some countries, thousands of gallons of water are wasted every year.

Water is a precious commodity, particularly so in some areas, and therefore it is the duty of us all to be vigilant to water leaks and help to conserve the fresh water we have. Identifying and repairing leaks could also save you a good proportion off your water bills.

National fix a leak week affects your home, typical leaks can include taps, shower heads, pipework, dishwashers, and water tanks. Leaking water and damp patches are not only damaging and foul smelling, but they can also be a health risk, particularly with the inhalation of mould spores.

So, what can you do to try and identify potential leaks.  Here are a few suggestions: –

  • Monitor areas under sinks for damp or wet patches which could indicate a pipe is leaking.
  • Monitor general cupboards, walls, and flooring for signs of damp or black mould.
  • Monitor your water bills. Sudden fluctuations in your water usage could indicate a water leak.
  • Muddy grass or pooled areas of water outside the property can indicate an underground leak.
  • Check your gutters and downpipes and ensure they are not blocked.
  • Missing or raised roof tiles could allow water to seep in.
  • Outside irrigation systems could be leaking, particularly those buried underground.

If we could all put in a little effort to monitor and manage our homes, offices, and buildings, we can prevent the wastage of a precious natural resource and save money at the same time!  You wouldn’t go out and leave a tap running all day, so stop those leaks from leaking all day.

If you believe you have a problem but cannot locate the source and require assistance, then LeakDtech can help. Using modern, innovative technology, any leak can be located easily and efficiently, whether it is within a wall cavity, under floorboards or in the grounds of your property. Remember:

Why not make the national fix a leak week your focus throughout the year? every week, check for a leak, and if you can’t locate the problem you seek, call one of our leak experts, to use a special technique to find that leak.

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