World Water Day is an annual event, celebrated globally, occurring on the 22nd of March. Created by the United Nations, in association with various organisations around the world, the day (World Water Day 2020) is designed to remind us of the need to preserve our precious natural water supply.

This year the key topic of World Water Day is water and climate change – and how the two are inextricably linked.

In 2015, the UN set seventeen Sustainable Development Goals for the world to tackle, together, as a team.  As they correctly stated, “there is no plan B as there is no planet B.”

SDG 6 is the goal for there to be clean drinking water and sanitation for everyone, everywhere, by 2030.  This is a hard task given that today, it is estimated that over 2.1 billion people live without proper access to a clean, safe water supply – a major cause of illness and death, as well as having detrimental effects on work and education. 

World Water Day 2020 brings to the forefront, the ever-increasing problems we encounter each day with the availability of clean water reserves, and to consider what the future of water will be.  There is concern that within the next ten years, a shortage of clean, safe water will be an issue for many of us. The UN are calling out for ideas, funding, and support for ways in which clean, safe water can be distributed worldwide.

With the global population being the largest it’s ever been, this only increases the pressure to be able to continue to provide fresh, safe water.  Many countries face famine and disease on a daily basis due to the simple lack of this natural resource. For many of us, the use of water is taken for granted and we give no consideration to the problems we would face if we couldn’t turn on a tap, have a glass of water, flush the toilet, or have a shower.

However, there is always something that we can do, no matter how big or small, to help in this worldwide crisis.   Each year, a theme is designed by the UN to stimulate ideas for water preservation and provide advice as to how we can all play our part in keeping the planet alive.  Last year was all about the wasting of water and how we can reduce this, however, this year the key topic of World Water Day is water and climate change – and how the two are inextricably linked.

It’s considered that many of the world’s natural water resources are being destroyed.  It is claimed that over fifty percent of our major rivers and lakes, which are largely relied upon for water provision, especially in poorer countries, are too polluted to use; the cutting down of forests and the destruction of grass lands cause natural water resources to dry up; and chemical waste and the dumping of rubbish is contaminating other natural water reserves.

Other avenues are also being highlighted through World Water Day 2020 such as Project Extraordinary, encouraging new innovative ideas and approaches on how to make sustainability “sexy” – with the aim to “convert over a billion consumers to ensure that for at least 50% of their purchases, the sustainability element will be one of their top three triggers”. All sorts of awards and grants are available for the winners and runners-up.

The 2020 World Water Development Report will introduce and detail inspired concepts and strategies for natural based solutions – technological ways in which we can “mimic nature’s water processes” and increase the availability of clean water.

In our technological age and with the millions of clever minds out there, surely there are ways in which we can ensure that clean water is accessible to everyone.

LeakDtech have taken on this challenge by creating new innovative technology to assist with water leaks.  Using the latest technology, any water leak, anywhere, can be swiftly located, allowing for repair and the preservation of that precious resource.  No more pulling down ceilings, digging up gardens or ripping out floorboards to find that leak – a simple scan of any part of a building will highlight the problem area.  All types of buildings can be assessed, including residential, commercial and industrial – crucial if there is concern of a water supply being contaminated by a production leak.

Monitor your buildings and if you suspect a leak, arrange for LeakDtech to pay you a visit and locate the problem – saving you money, preventing water wastage and contamination, and supporting the UN and the rest of the world in helping to provide everyone access to clean, safe, water.

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