Considered as one of the world’s leading entertainment venues, the famous Dubai Parks and Resorts consists of four fantastically designed, spectacular theme parks, including Bollywood Park and LEGOLAND Dubai, as well as thrilling water parks, such as the Aquaventure and Laguna. In addition, they are all surrounded by stunning, luxury hotels, bars and restaurants. Millions of people from across the world flock to the parks every year, residing at the hotels and making the most of visiting the city of Dubai and its amazing scenery.

However, one element that all these entertainment settings have in common is the extensive use of water. As well as the facilities within the theme parks that require water, the water parks use a huge amount of water. It has been reported that nearly three million litres of desalinated sea water flows through these water parks every day, a very expensive process which can only be maintained if the funds are available to manage such a complex system.

Being able to filtrate and sanitise sea water is a huge benefit for the water parks, but they should still want to reduce their impact on the environment by ensuring that their water supplies are reused for as long as possible. Indeed, it was reported that the Wild Wadi water park managed to reduce its water consumption by 9%, which was positively acknowledged by the Green Globe Programme. Dubai is a country that has suffered over many years to ensure their residents and businesses have sufficient access to a reliable, clean, fresh water supply and its conservation is of paramount importance.

The Green Globe programme has emphasised that water parks should be consistently monitoring their water usage and environmental practices and processes, taking steps where possible to introduce new regimes and technology to continue the conservation of water as a precious resource.

One large concern surrounding water wastage is that resulting from water leaks. In our homes or offices it will be easier to see indicators of leaking water, such as mould or damp patches but, in these huge themed resorts and water parks, there will be thousands of miles of pipework not just for the swimming pools, water rides, fountains and features, but also for the basic facilities of toilets, showers, and the kitchens in the hotels, bars and restaurants. Trying to monitor water leaks on this scale would be almost impossible. The only real indicator would be tight scrutiny of water bills to identify fluctuations, but even this would be difficult to monitor.

Therefore, how can these vast entertainment complexes continue to offer a place of fun and social fulfilment without the concern that they are wasting the most precious natural resource on the planet. This is where LeakDtech can assist – a tech savvy business whose staff are passionate about saving water. Utilising infrared thermal imaging, or other smart technology, they can scan both monitor and inspect huge areas and buildings and be able to identify and pinpoint the presence of leaking water, thereby removing the need for invasive inspections and upheaval that cost time and money. If you are concerned about your park and you would like peace of mind that you are using every drop of water you possibly can, then please feel free to contact our experienced team who will guide you through the consultation and inspection process.

For information on how we can help if you suspect a leak, consult LeakDTech’s professionals now!

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