How many leaks do you have? Playing fields are common place in many schools, especially larger secondary schools and colleges, and are used for all types of sports and athletics. These facilities are often used by outside associations and sports clubs, too, allowing community space for out-of-school social activities to take place, such as Saturday football leagues and Sunday cricket. This makes them well-loved and much used spaces.

Love, however, does not protect the grounds and extreme weather can take a toll on its condition. From floods in England to droughts in Dubai, it’s a difficult task for school maintenance teams to ensure the playing fields remain in a useable condition and suitable for play all year round. A cricket field or a football pitch is no use to players if it is too boggy and muddy and is just as useless if it is dried out and crumbling. It requires planning and methodical maintenance to make sure that the land is in just the right condition all the time.

As a result may schools install modern underground water irrigation systems throughout their playing fields, thereby allowing control over the ground’s water supply all day, every day.

If adverse wet weather is experienced, the irrigation system can be switched off, but if the land is too dry then the irrigation system can be used to its full potential, helpfully creating a well maintained healthy area of ground.

So, a fantastic system, but the problem is what if it leaks? Buried underground and invisible to the naked eye, if you had a school playing field the size of a football pitch, where would you even begin to start looking to find a hidden leak? Flooded unusable playing fields can cause frustration and disappointment not only to the school but the local communities that rely on the area for non-school activities.

Rectifying a leak could result in significant expense in having to dig up a whole irrigation system as well as creating a chaotic school and community environment.

At LeakDTech, we have an innovative system that could save your space from damaging leaks and invasive investigations. Our new Leak detection technology can now be installed into your underground irrigation systems. This incorporates sensors which detect escaping water and damp areas. These sensors alert you to the problem and identify the area of its location, whilst above ground radars can be used to detect the exact position. This allows you the chance to organise a simple repair without digging up the whole field.

Whilst the installation would be an initial expense, it could save you a great deal of time, money and frustration in the long run. If you believe that your sports facilities are important and want to ensure that they remain functional, suitable and useable, no matter what the weather, call a LeakDTech engineer today to discuss how we can help you.

For information on how we can help if you suspect a leak, consult LeakDTech’s professionals now!

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