The Life of A School Caretaker

The number one priority of any school is the welfare and safety of its pupils and the caretaker plays a vitally important role in guaranteeing its success. Keeping the premises safe and fit for use by children and staff alike is key to his role.

From opening the gates in the morning through to locking them at night there are regular checks and inspections a Caretaker must routinely undertake. These inspections can identify faulty equipment and broken apparatus so that it can be and rectified or repaired. Regular checks to the buildings structure, electricity supply and plumbing are a huge part of this and where faults are found the assistance of outside contractors, which can be costly, may be required.

The plumbing network of a school is extensive and complex. With the majority of the pipes and drains lying within the foundations of the building, through inside walls and in the ceiling voids, regular checks can be an arduous assignment. Without access to the inner workings and components of this complex network, the first sign of an issue is often a damp patch, or drip from a roof.

Leaking water and damp walls or floors can result in serious health risks for both staff and children. If a leak is not immediately apparent it can lead to mould which occurs directly as a result of wet or damp facilities. The spores that are given off from this mould can be particularly harmful to children.

It is not just the water pipes themselves but other connected systems. For example a poorly maintained air conditioning system, a necessity throughout the majority of schools within warmer climates such as Dubai, can result in legionella bacteria. This infection is like pneumonia, but the symptoms such as coughs and headaches can be written off as minor and ignored. Large water tanks and systems are also exposed to this bacteria and the water quality should be tested annually by a professional.

Caretakers will need to be prepared for cold icy periods when pipes are at risk of freezing or bursting. A flooded classroom can cause health risks as well as expense and disruption.

As a caretaker, you know your school. You know the layout, the facilities, the areas to monitor and the risks to guard against; the problem is you never have enough time. With the safety of many people being your responsibility and with such a large property to maintain and keep safe, it’s time you shared the burden. With the design and creation of new technology which is installed directly into your water pipework system, any sign of damp or leaking water will be brought to your attention allowing you the opportunity to rectify the problem before it escalates. Get some of your time back to allow you to work on other duties and allow the modern age of technology to help you and your team!

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