Is Your Atrium Leaking?
When we envisage water leaks the images that spring to mind are burst pipes, leaking taps, and holes in roofs. Maintenance programmes are designed for large buildings, particularly hotels, to try and ensure that all areas are regularly inspected, maintained and repaired.

However, with our hotels becoming more and more glamorous given the fierce level of competition in today’s tourist industry, the fight is on to try and become the most eye catching, awe-inspiring place to stay, particularly in the favourites such as America, Paris, Australia and the hotter climates such as Dubai. What we are seeing more of, to a lavish extent, is the designs of hotel atriums and reception halls. The entranceways to some of the larger hotels can actually take your breath away as you enter them. They can be huge, many of which are made of glass in all types of colours and fashions with beautiful sofas, reception halls, meeting areas, cafes and bars and, let’s not forget, the greenery. Some atriums can make you feel like you’re walking through a rain forest with plants and small trees all around, creating an atmosphere of relaxation.

Hotel atriums can be low, just covering the ground floor, or can be as high as the hotel itself, a glass corridor leading up to the sky, a window to the stars.

So, back down to earth, the leading question here…… what are the implications for creating such beauty? What do you do if you find you have wet floors meaning the atrium is leaking? Somewhere in that huge, complex elevated structure made of beautiful glass panes, you have a leak. Not a pipe that just needs a new valve or some sealant that needs to be replaced; you’re looking at a puzzle of huge interlinked panes of glass. The maintenance man cannot simply just walk up to the top floor and identify the culprit. The more realistic likelihood would be towers of scaffolding erected throughout your reception area in order to allow for a thorough investigation of the roof.

So what are you left with……. atrium leaking water onto a beautifully smooth marble floor equalling slipping hazards for guests; having to section off areas of your beautiful indoor rainforest to allow for works reducing social space; the noise and disruption associated with workmen using tools and machinery all around you, putting a dampener on that tasty gin and tonic and, in essence, ruining that tranquil atmosphere and creating an ugly, unsafe, unwelcoming environment for new and existing visitors.

The answer to avoid all of that…… have the roof immediately scanned by experts utilising new innovative technology that uses either smoke, ultrasonics or smoke from the ground to scan the atrium and pinpoint that leak. This provides the opportunity, on a small scale basis, to reach the specific area of the atrium for repair. Get your atrium scanned now. Don’t let your panes become a pain!

For information on how we can help if you suspect your atrium leaking, consult LeakDTech’s professionals now!

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