Villa Mold – Case Study

The Challenge

A villa had been left over the summer unoccupied and an upstairs cupboard and surrounding rooms became covered in mould after the AC stopped working.  The customer had expensive clothing, furniture and the building becoming damaged and called for help to diagnose the problem. A quotation was provided by a maintenance company to pull all walls and floors up within the adjacent bathroom.

The Solution

The customer was advised not to follow the maintenance companies advice to spend 15,000 AED pulling all tiles off the wall to investigate.  After removal of the walk in wardrobe due to damage, further investigation revealed a water leak in the wall.  The customer advised the maintenance company to remove a small amount of the wall behind the wardrobe where the leak was identified. A further inspection of the property lead to 5 more water leaks and other problems.

The Problem

The Solution

Initial Cost Saving

Other Problems Found

Hours To Find

Happy Customer

Find, Fixed & Solved


Leak Found

Leak Dtech were called in to find the source of a problem where mold had started to take over the upstairs floor of a villa

Leak Fixed

The exact location of two holes previously left by a maintenance company were identified and the removal of an entire bathroom costing 15,000 AED was prevented

Leak Solved

The problem was quickly fixed at a 10th of the cost without any damage to the bathroom allowing the customer use of their bathroom within a few hours instead of days

  • Leaks in Dubai Properties 95%
  • Construction or Bad Workmanship 80%
  • Number of Tenants that Call 50%
  • Number of Water Leaks Solved 98%

The Results Were Amazing

With so many water leaks found in all buildings so far in Dubai with over 10,000 images completed by LeakDtech to date, the question of whether you have a water leak or not will be answered quickly, so find the leaks before they find you.

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