Mall Water Leak Inspections

LeakDtech Dubai mall water leak inspections support our customers with internationally certified inspection reports as evidence of water leaks that can’t be seen or solved by maintenance companies with our three step quality guarantee.

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How We Can Help

How we are helping Malls and problems we have found

Burst Plumbing or Valves

Preventing damage to adjacent properties or retail outlets is essential in order to protect mall operations

Condensate and Plumbing Leaks

Condensate from chilled water lines or the condensate plumbing lines themselves leak over time

Fire Pipes and Sprinklers

Leaks from high pressure fire pipelines are common within aged malls

How Have We Helped

Some customer examples of how we have helped

“LeakDtech offered to help us solve our water leak within our main hall atrium due to a persistent leak of water that annually started during the summer months. We found the cause thanks to their multiple technologies and engineers experience.”

Atrium - Dubai

Atrium Window Leakage

“After completing the gravity test of our roof water proofing we began to notice water coming down into 4 retail outlets so we called LeakDtech to solve our problems by finding the water leak source. They found it in 3 days on a 20,000 sqm roof.”

Roof - Motor City

Water Proofing and Roof Checking

“After many issues with multiple leaks within our mall we contracted LeakDtech to find the source of leaks for one of our tenants that had stopped cooperating so we called on LeakDtech to inspect an provide us with proof to legally threaten the tenant and get the leak solved quickly”

Food Outlet - Marina

Bad Fit Out Documentary Proof

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional fees if I choose to scan our restaurant kitchen??

No, LeakDtech Dubai provides Lump Sum quotations where all costs are included and all other applicable costs are shown.

How do we pay?

For all services payment is accepted in the form of cheque or telex transfer prior to report submission.

When will we get the report?

Reports are sent to the customer via email in a PDF format between 2 and 5 days after leaving the inspection unless otherwise agreed.

I have an emergency can we get out of hours services?

Yes, but pricing is based on a call out rate as per the job request.

Do you fix the water leak?

no, we find the problems and offer follow up inspections to clarify whether the works have been completed properly.

Don't Be Shy

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Get in touch or Call +971 50 6404 510
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