Water Management in Sports Facilities

The residents of Dubai, and the UAE’s other 6 emirates take sport very seriously and Dubai, in particular, is considered the centre of the modern sporting world. It’s the location for the well-known Dubai Sports city, the world-famous Dubai Sports World, which takes place at Dubai’s World Trade centre every year, and other sporting facilities, such as the Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Sports Complex project.
The Sports City, which is the first in the world that is solely devoted to sport, comprises of thousands of square metres of gardens and lawns, designed for all different types of sports and activities, as well as rest and pleasure. Besides the sports facilities themselves, there are the bars and restaurants, luxury hotels and individual residences, which accommodate some of the finest sportsmen and women from across the world. All sports are played from athletics to swimming and football to rugby, as well as the presence of golf courses and cricket grounds.
One element that the Sports City has in common with other centres, such as the Maktoum Sports Complex, the World Trade Centre Sports World and other more localised sports facilities around Dubai, is the extensive requirement for, and use of, water.
Located between the sea and the desert, Dubai has struggled for years in ensuring that they have access to enough fresh water and, with it being in short reserve, steps need be taken by everybody to help preserve this valuable natural resource.

Sporting facilities have to be able to guarantee that their water supply is clean and safe, with a consistent supply, not only for the simple facilities of showers and toilets, but many sporting activities, rely on water, such as swimming. These complexes have worked hard over the years to maximise water use and many have in place high quality water sanitation systems which allow them to reuse water by running it through disinfection tanks and various filtration processes. By being able to reuse their water reserves, this allows the country’s main water supply to be utilised for the residents of Dubai in their homes and businesses.
However, a problem that everybody faces at some point in time is the wasting of water due to water leaks. It’s hard enough to manage water leaks and identify them in homes and small businesses, let alone the size of these complexes, such as the Sports City. There will be thousands of miles of pipework, plumbing joints, water pumps, filtration and sanitation systems, before even taking into account the hundreds of toilet and shower facilities. Any one of these utilities or pipes could spring a leak and the potential to locate it would be near on impossible.

As well as these large sporting complexes there are also the more localised community gyms and sports centres that cater for the local residents. They will also have the facilities of toilets and showers, as well as swimming pools and canteens or kitchen areas, and will be facing the similar challenges of managing their water systems and being exposed to the risk of leaking water. Damage from water leaks could have a far larger financial impact compared to the larger institutions so it is just as vital that they take all steps to monitor their premises for water leaks and compare utility bills regularly to try and identify if they have any potential problem with leaking water.

Whether small or large, all sporting institutions will want to be playing their part in conserving water so what steps can be taken to ensure that their water systems are leak free and safe? This is where LeakDtech can assist – a Dubai based company who is passionate about water conservation. Using state of the art, infra-red thermal imaging and other technology, complete reviews of whole systems and buildings can be undertaken which is non-invasive and will identify any water leak or concern. Whilst obvious leaks can be identified in situations where there are damp and mould patches or puddles of water on the floor, when there is pipework and complex systems installed underground or built into floor, ceiling and wall cavities, assistance will be needed to identify and locate water problems. This swift, cost effective process will not only allow for the identification of leaks and the ability for remedial work, resulting in reduced water bills, but will also give you the satisfaction that you are playing your part to conserve the world’s most precious natural resource.
If you are concerned that you may have a water problem, do not hesitate to give us a call and one of our experienced team members can take you through the process of how to arrange a consultation and inspection.

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