School Water Leaks

LeakDtech Dubai school water leak inspections support our educational customers by working with the maintenance team in finding water leaks with our three step quality guarantee.

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How We Can Help

How we are helping schools & nurseries and problems we have found

Broken Plumbing

Almost every building has plumbing problems that require assistance and damage adjacent rooms

A/C Condensation

Badly fitted or maintained A/C units are common place and require full leak inspections due to condensate leaks

Roofs and Ceilings

Many aged properties begin to have many more problems as they age and LeakDtech helps identify them before damage is caused

How Have We Helped

Some customer examples of how we have helped

“LeakDtech assisted us by inspecting our 15 year old nursery and found many problems we had no idea existed in addition to solving our long time damp smell that parents had started to comment about”

Nursery - Jumeirah

Bad Smells, Mold and Damp

“Having our school built over 25 years we have many differing qualities of classrooms all provided by different contractors where we decided to have a condition inspection of our oldest classrooms and find out what the quality was and LeakDtech came to our rescue providing a very detailed report”

Secondary - Deira

Aged School & Classrooms

“With a brand new school same many challenges when we were focused on being ready for the school year, however, LeakDtech came in over the weekends and completed a full survey of all our school buildings and highlighted many problems that could be fixed before the contractor left site, it saved us a huge amount of money and time”

New School - DIP

New Building Inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional fees if I choose to scan our restaurant kitchen??

No, LeakDtech Dubai provides Lump Sum quotations where all costs are included and all other applicable costs are shown.

How do we pay?

For all services payment is accepted in the form of cheque or telex transfer prior to report submission.

When will we get the report?

Reports are sent to the customer via email in a PDF format between 2 and 5 days after leaving the inspection unless otherwise agreed.

I have an emergency can we get out of hours services?

Yes, but pricing is based on a call out rate as per the job request.

Do you fix the water leak?

no, we find the problems and offer follow up inspections to clarify whether the works have been completed properly.

Don't Be Shy

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Get in touch or Call +971 50 6404 510
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