Residential Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi Leaks


Many homes incorporate swimming pools and jacuzzis, however, risks do not only involve leaking water pipes; usually being kept clean with chlorine, a poisonous chemical, large amounts leaked from can cause serious harm.
Pools and jacuzzis are built to be waterproof, but sealants can deteriorate, they can slightly move with the surrounding ground changes causing leaks in pipes or cracks to the exteriors.


LeakDtech Dubai has helped many home owners in managing pool and jacuzzi problems by being able to scan the structures, pipes and surrounding area of those pools and jacuzzis, utilizing advanced technology and locate any leak.

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Drains, Nozzles and Vacuum Points

There are many parts to pools and jacuzzis and their set-up and a small leak could occur at any time. A thermal imaging scan of these smaller mechanisms and parts can swiftly identify any leak.

Leaking Water and Chlorine Pipes

Water pipes and chlorine pipes can leak or crack. With pipes often laid under the pool or within the walls of the structure, a fast accurate way to identify the source is to arrange for a thermal imaging scan of the complete pool shell.

Sodden Ground and Unstable Tiles

Wet ground or unstable paving tiles or slabs can be an indicator that the main water source supplying your pool has a leak or crack.  Rather than digging up the garden – arrange for a ground penetrating radar scan of your grounds to identify the source.

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