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Latest information, views and news on water leak issues of commercial sector and solutions for them in our commercial leak detection blog.

Supermarket Leaks – Effects on Cold Produce

There are many pipes, joints, valves and compressors running behind and underneath the chiller cabinets and freezers which carry the refrigerant gases to keep them running at the correct temperature.  With such a vast amount of pipework there is always the potential for a leak.

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Roof Leak Testing – Old and New

Malls, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels or any large building in Dubai now can take advantage of LeakDtech roof leak testing services, use a preventative approach to locate leaks and maintain the roofs. A scan of a new or existing fitted roof can give you peace of mind that water is not quietly drowning your business.

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Asbestos Plus Water – A Lethal Duo

It is a common fact that asbestos is poisonous & harmful to people, with the inhalation of fibres causing serious illness. Schools, in particular, older schools, are more likely to have asbestos fibres in the building foundations, mostly in the roofs, ceilings & walls where asbestos lagging may have been utilised.

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