We stop water leaks from making your home look bleak

We stop water leaks from making your home look bleak

Every home is considered to be an extension of its inhabitants. Each room within a house reflects the personality of its dweller(s). An unattended (or unnoticed) water leak can make your guests leave with a reminiscence of your recklessness in terms of house care. Apart from that, what matters more is the unease it causes to the occupants itself.

Specialising in residential properties as one of its areas of expertise, Leak Dtech completely understands the concerns faced by people who find an unwanted water leakage and damage to be present in their home. Following are the 3 most common problems that we found to be the fundamental besets, as often reported by our residential clients over our past three years of service:

Mold: Mold is often a dark or fluffy formation caused by dampness, that appears on the walls and can be scrubbed off easily by a simple rub of your finger. Mold is a sign of unwanted moisture in your home and as such a possible undetected problem.

High DEWA Bills: Giving away extra money in water bills and losing a valued natural resource, losses can more than double when a water leak happens. If you notice a sudden spike in you bills it could be indicative that there is a hidden problem. We inspect your entire property inside and out to find any existing or unknown problems.

Emergencies: An emergency can occur anytime, especially when an existing water leak goes untreated when it was just a minor drippage. Not only do we stop the existing unwanted flow of water, we also double check the fix to ensure that the leakage does not re-occur again shortly after

Keep your work space free from water leaks

Keep your work space free from water leaks

Businesses have to function well in order to keep increasing their profits, as that creates a resource to help them for future scalability. While profits are earned after a lot of hard work, the money earned can drip out easily in a lot of different ways and a water leak is just one of them. Receiving DEWA bills with unusually high charges is not a sight that any business would appreciate. If this happens, you can get your meter checked to know if it is correctly taking readings.

If the readings are found to be correct, then it could be possible that there exists a potential water leak.However, this is not the only concern that companies may have in such a situation. Imagine walking into an office that has mold on the walls, or a commercial kitchen that has signs of damp on the walls.  (In case you do not exactly know what mold looks like, it is a puffy, dark patch on the wall caused due to continuous dampness and it easily captures one’s attention.)  In either situation it would raise immediate concerns regarding the health of the workplace and in worse case scenarios could lead to your business being temporarily closed whilst the issue is resolved.

Also, the last thing that you would want in your office space is a serious water leakage. If a small dripping of water is left unattended, it might eventually turn into a heavy outpour. Not only would this damage the fabric of the building but could lead to damage to electrical equipment or even highly valued stock. Hence, the most prudent course of action is to call in a professional to investigate any signs of water leak as soon as it has been spotted.

10 Signs of a water leak

10 Signs of a water leak

Water leaks are one of the most common household problems that people deal with on a regular basis. Not only is it a household problem, many restaurants and hotels too encounter this galling situation quite frequently. If you notice any of the signs of a water leak, as listed below – they are a good indicator that it might be time to call a professional to get the problem investigated and fixed.

1. Damp Walls

Damp walls and ceilings are usual notifiers and while they might not bother you easily, they eventually turn into an unpleasant sight and lead to the growth of mould. It also creates a shoddy impression on visitors when they notice it.

2. Foul Odour

This signal is very unpleasing and probably the most frustrating. You do not know where the smell is emerging from and it vexes your mind when trying to locate its origin. It is likely that when you do find it, you will also uncover a water drip.

3. Water Bills

If you find an unexpected peak in your water bills which doesn’t correct itself in the future, get your property checked to find if there is any unwanted water seeping through. It might well save you the extra money being paid every month for water bills.

4. Water level in swimming pools

Does your swimming pool look like it’s getting drier by the day? Well, a little evaporation is expected if you live in a place with high temperatures. However, if the water levels seem to be reducing by leaps, you might need to be concerned about a possible water leakage.

5. Continuous sound of water

The sound of flowing water resonates a feeling of relaxation for many people. However, this is true if the sound is from a water body and not within your property. If the sound is from within your property, call a professional to find any possible leaks and feel relaxed once the sound has stopped.

6. Wet floor

Wet floors can cause people to slip and cause injuries. Before this happens, look for the origin of the water if the floor is wet unexpectedly. And if you find an unexpected water leak that cannot be fixed by yourself, call in a professional and get it checked.

7. Cracks on the walls

This can be visually unpleasing and can spoil the look of any well designed interior space. Spotting cracks on the wall that are evidently visible, can lead to broken pipes within a wall. Before you repaint the wall, fix any potential water leak.

8. Mold

As a result of water logged walls, mold can result when a buildings air conditioning breaks down or is not functioning correctly so that dampness is no longer hidden. If a rooms airation or air conditioning is inadequate and water leaks exist, this normally will result in the growth of mold.

9. Warped wood

Wooden furniture or door frames can be another strong indicator of a presence of dampness. If for an unknown reason, you find any wooden floor, door frames or furniture that look warped and damp, it may be giving you a hint to a nearby water leakage.

10. Condensation

Condensation happens when the air is moist and evaporated water is being condensed due to exposure to a cooler temperature. However, if you find condensation happening regularly in a specific area and that too without noticeable shifts in the temperature, it is due to a water being present somewhere near.

LeakDTech is a professional service provider for fixing even the most complex and hidden water leaks with your property, be it a commercial or residential one.