Mall Water Leaks

Shopping Malls are large complex sites with hundreds of shops, restaurants and toilet facilities. Locating the site of a leak if one is suspected can be a daunting task for any maintenance team. LeakDtech Dubai works closely with malls to inspect sites either on a proactive approach – to ensure no issues are experienced, or on a reactive basis to locate any leak. With specialist equipment utilising advanced technology, a thorough scan of any area can identify and pinpoint the location of any leak. Internationally certified inspection reports are provided to allow maintenance teams to solve any problems.

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Retail Outlet Annual Health Checks

As fines are so high to mall management should any retail outlet have a water leak, LeakDtech Dubai offers both retail outlets and mall management the opportunity of annual checks to find water leakage before it occurs to mitigate any fines.

Common Area Inspections and Snagging

Mall Common Areas also require periodic inspection in order to mitigate long term leakage problems or dilapidation. The process of MEP snagging and reporting any problems through a condition report is an essential part of mall maintenance.

FM/Sub Contractor Quality Assurance

If mall management wish to protect themselves, LeakDtech can be utilized successfully as a payment gateway where any problems with work quality can be checked via QA leakage testing and issues brought to the mall management attention where payments would be held until rectification has been implemented.

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