Golf Club Irrigation Leaks

People pay a lot of money to be members of golf clubs. Not only is the location and the facilities important, but the golf course itself must be kept in pristine condition. Soggy grass, flooded holes and foul water smells will put customers off. Many golf clubs manage their courses with underwater irrigation systems so that the flow of water to the green can be managed. However, an underground leak could be impossible to find without total disruption to the course. Fortunately, LeakDtech Dubai’s new innovative leak detecting equipment can carry out a scan of the whole fairway to pinpoint the source of any leak swiftly.

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Fairway Water Logging

Sodden grass or patches of pooled water can be indicative that the underground irrigation system is leaking.  The advantage of this technology is that using ground penetrating radars the surrounding area can be scanned to identify the site of any leak.

Irrigation and Pipe Leakage

Mainline water pipes feed the irrigation system so a leak here may result in no visible sign of a problem on the green; water may seep away but high-water bills will warn that an invisible leak needs to be found.

Bad Drainage

If drainage lines are clogged up or badly maintained, then when heavy rains occur, the green will become waterlogged. A scan of the drainage lines will highlight any blockages or problems.

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