Data Center Water Leaks

Water damage caused over time due to small, invisible leaks are a key concern, especially in the data center world. Data Centers are designed to keep large volumes of data safe and secure in units that have to be kept at a rigid temperature, 24 hours a day all year round. With so much electrical equipment, the smallest amount of leaking or dripping water could result in electrical failure of a room or whole center. However, units within data centers should not be moved around due to their complex set up so how do you locate a leak. A thorough scan carried out by LeakDtech’s specialist engineers will find the smallest of leaks with the minimum of fuss.

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Pipe Lines

The first, most common cause, is the main water pipe lines that maintain the building’s functionability. A thermal imaging scan of these pipes will identify any major leaks or concerns.

Faulty Roofs, Windows or Structures

Any element of the data center structure could let in water if not maintained. An infrared scan of the building’s interior and exterior walls and cavities will identify any water ingress problems that need rectifying.

Proactive Monitoring

With a data center, managing the after effects of a leak could be devastating. Leak detecting equipment can be utilised to regularly scan your pipes and buildings to identify early signs of water problems.

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