Burst Plumbing or Valves

A water problem that can cause a substantial amount of damage, in a small amount of time, is from a burst pipe or valve, allowing gallons of water to leak through premises. A flood of this type can cause damage not only to the structure, equipment and products of the premises in question, but can also cause problems for adjacent properties or retail outlets, effecting the operations of other businesses. The initial problem that can lead to a burst pipe or valve, can often show early warning factors allowing repair before the rupture – warnings that LeakDtech Dubai’s new advanced technology can identify.

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High Pressure Water Leakage
High pressure water consistently travelling through pipelines can cause erosion to pipes and valves resulting in leaking water.  An early identified small leak could be an indicator of high pressure water damage.
Over Pressure Pipe Damage

Over pressurized water flow can not only damage pipes and valves, but can have a knock-on effect of leaking toilets, faucets, banging water pipes and reduced equipment activity – water pressure needs to be checked and monitored.


Pipe Joint Separation or Leakage

Incorrect water pressure settings and poor installation of water pipes and valves can be a cause of burst pipes. The pressure can also cause joints to loosen allowing water to escape.
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