Airport Food Court Drainage

A whole group of food outlets in a small area need to ensure they follow the same rules relating to water drainage so as to avoid problems. Each outlet will use water for cooking and making drinks, washing up and operating kitchen appliances. Given the amount of fast food being prepared and cooked, outlets need to ensure that food waste and hot oils are being drained appropriately. A water leak in one outlet could impact all of them. Fortunately, the new innovative equipment used by LeakDtech Dubai, can inspect and scan all of the pipe works and drains to ensure there are no problems.

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Plumbing Leaks

Pipes will always need maintenance and repair to avoid burst pipes or broken valves – a flood risk – this new technology can put carry out proactive inspections to identify problems before they occur.


Potable Water Line Leaks

In a busy hot airport fresh, potable water for visitors is crucial. If a leak is suspected a thermal imaging technological scan will swiftly identify the location to allow repair.

Leaks into Adjacent Properties

With a leak or blockage in outlet A’s pipes, a consequence could be a burst pipe at outlet D’s, if they are on the same pipeline – an infrared scan of the pipelines will reveal any problems.

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