Kitchens or Restaurants

Kitchen & restaurant water leaks are normally due to bad workmanship or products, let us qualify works and check work quality prior to paying your subcontractors

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Retail Outlets or Work Quality Confirmation

Mall Water leak can be due to bad workmanship or quality products that should be documented to mall management, let us qualify works and check work quality prior to paying your subcontractors

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Residential Home Inspections

Water leaks, high DEWA utility bills and peace of mind from full property inspections

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Schools & Nurseries

Let us visit your school or nursery and help you save money and time with the benefit of improved safety

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Construction Dilapidation or Condition Surveys

Get your building inspected today and get a report that tells you were all the problems are before you start your construction project by performing a dilapidation survey

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Car Park & Underground Water Leaks

Let us inspect your underground parking and help you prevent serious building damage due to ground water or broken pipes

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Cold Stores & Warehouses

Cold Stores and Warehouses require a sealed building envelope to ensure all products within are kept at the optimum temperature and condensation or integrity testing is considered mandatory

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High Pressure Fire Pipes

If left unattended, high pressure fire pipe leaks can become both a huge cost and a threat to the building it is protecting

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Finding Problems Has Never Been So Easy

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Water Leaks

Are you suffering from signs of mold, damp walls or bad smells?

High Electrical Bills

Has your DEWA Utility bill become higher over the years or increased recently?

Building Inspections

Do you have a home, office or another building that needs to be inspected?

Who We Are.

LeakDtech are a group of engineers that have found that both private and commercial property owners or tenants alike are not getting their properties built or maintained to high enough standards that cause customers to suffer with  constant water leaks, high bills or general bad workman ship which are the three reasons people most call us.

Trained Engineers

Our services provide trained engineers to international standards

Right Tools For The Job

LeakDtech deliver services utilising state of the art technology

We Find All Your Problems

When site inspections are conducted, our engineers often find many problems customers were not aware of

What We Do.

LeakDtech Dubai arrive when called and deliver a quality inspection either of just the problem the customer needed help with or the whole property where we conduct indepth investigations and highlight improvements that could be made.

Total Items Inspected


Properties With Water Problems

Average Customer Savings

Properties Inspected

Find Problems Before They Find You

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Our Core Values

Trusted Advisor

We are the support you need in any emergency.

Written Reports

Where requested, LeadDtech Dubai provide proof of problems through written reports

We Save You Money

By finding the problems before the get worse the cost of damage is reduced

Our 3 Steps to Peace of Mind

Based on our recognised and individual approach, LeadDtech Dubai offers its customers the Leak Found, Leak Fixed, and Leak Solved approach to ensuring all problems are found and fixed the first time.


Step 1 - Leak Found

We find the leak for customers getting on site in 4 hours for emergency calls.


Step 2 - Leak Fixed

We check the works if requested.


Step 3 - Leak Solved

We re-inspect our customers problems and guarantee the leaks are fixed.

Lets Inspect Something Together

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